Fulfil vs. Fulfill

Fulfil with one ‘L’ is the British English spelling and fulfill with the ‘LL’ ending is the American English spelling. Fulfil and fulfill are different in the way that they are spelled and the countries where they are used. But there is no difference in the meaning of the words. Fulfil or fulfill means to execute, meet requirements or develop the potential of something.

Fulfil and fulfill are both acceptable spellings in any English-speaking country. If you use the American version fulfill in British English then this is not considered to be a grammatical error. If you use the British version fulfil in American English then it is also not considered to be an error.

When to Use Fulfil

The time to use the variant fulfil is when you are writing in British English. The word fulfil can be used to show achievement or show someone has completed something.

Showing When Something Has Been Achieved

Sue wanted to fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher, and was excited when it finally happened!

I am so excited to fulfil my goal of becoming a well-respected artist.

Showing When a Responsibility Has Been Met

As an organization, we aim to fulfil all the needs of our employees without exception.

To fulfil our obligation to our customers, we provide the best customer service possible.

When to Use Fulfill

Knowing when to use fulfill is important when you are writing in American English. Like the British English version, this word shows when something has been realized or when someone has offered something they are responsible for.

Showing When Something Has Been Realized

When I decided I had to fulfill my mission to be the best athlete, I ramped up my training.

I saw my opportunity to fulfill my aim and felt great when I doubled my income in just one month.

Showing When a Responsibility Has Been Adhered To

I adjusted the settings on the order spreadsheet to fulfill my promise to my boss.

The shop has a clear responsibility to fulfill all orders in a timely fashion.

Fulfil vs Fulfill: Which One is Correct?

As fulfil and fulfill are both the same word and both are accurate spellings they are both correct. Remember that fulfill is the American English spelling and fulfil is the British English spelling.


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